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Version 0.0.10 Now Available; Episode 3 Now Playing!

Posted on February 21, 2016 by Shibusuke

We've released Episode 3 of our backer-exclusive story preview and updated the game to 0.0.10! You can download the latest build (and the latest episode if you're a backer!) here:

In the latest episode, Zem’s influence continues to wane, placing in her a precarious position: Azura and Navid are vying for power, and Zem no longer has Azura’s trust. However, Zem is most dangerous when she is desperate, so what does this mean for the city and its people?

Download the latest episode to find out, and discuss on our forums.

0.0.10 Patch Notes

  • Episode 3 now playing! (Must have backed Kickstarter to access)

  • New abilities and stat gems accessible

  • You can now make the Mage purple because it's awesome

  • The Gunner also has an alternate color scheme

  • General bug fixes and improvements

Kickstarter Episode 2 / 0.0.9 Released!

Posted on February 11, 2016 by Shibusuke

We've released Episode 2 of our backer-exclusive story preview and updated the game to 0.0.9! You can download the latest build (and the latest episode if you're a backer!) here:

Back us on Kickstarter to get access to the backer-exclusive campaign!

And be sure to vote for us on Steam Greenlight!

In just one week, the players have made dramatic changes to the balance of power and relationships within the game world. Check out our latest update on Kickstarter to learn more!

0.0.9 Patch Notes

  • Episode 2 now accessible!

  • New stage! Play through episode 2 to access it!

  • Game now starts players in the tutorial the first time they turn on the game (once you’ve completed the tutorial, it’ll load the main menu like normal)

  • No more infinite gem duplication! Sorry not sorry!

  • Fixed a harmless but visually ugly bug where formatting code would appear in dialogue if you clicked at just the right timing to skip it

  • Equip screen UI now gives better visual guidance on how to equip gems

  • Improved text visuals at high resolutions

  • AI enhancements

  • You can now check what a gem is on the rewards screen using tool-tips

  • Various other minor bug fixes

Day 1 Update and the First Faction Leader Profile!

Posted on February 03, 2016 by Moira

First, an update: over $5,000 in 24 hours! Thank you! Let’s keep the momentum up!

We couldn’t do this without your support, and you’ve helped make our first 24 hours a fantastic success. So let’s keep it going! Try to see if you can get one more person to back today - just one. Every individual backer matters, and we need YOUR help to make the goal.

Please post about the campaign and share with friends. You can follow THIS LINK to post to Twitter, and THIS LINK to post on Facebook! Every single backer is invaluable, and we are so glad to have you on board. The first 48-72 hours are crucial for Kickstarter, so it's imperative that we keep the ball rolling!

Now, without further ado, I would like to introduce you to the first of our Faction Leader Introduction Series! Let’s kick things off with Navid, leader of the Iskendrun priesthood!


Wise, trustworthy, and respected by all in Iskendrun, Navid leads the priests in a life of service to the city’s poor. Mindful of the source of the city’s wealth, Navid has never overtly criticized the nobility...though he is creative when it comes to his methods for securing donations.

As the city teeters on the brink of collapse, Navid looks only inward, to the pressures of poverty on the citizens, and to the exhortations of the gods that he secure the city’s prosperity however he can. Blaming the merchants for the peninsula’s collapse, Navid eyes their well-armed ships and builds a force of his own. Which begs the question...just how far would he go to end Azura’s reign in the peninsula?


Finally, a big shout out to Children of the Zodiark! They were kind enough to tell their backers about City of the Shroud, and they have a pretty sweet looking game to boot. If you haven’t checked out their tactical JRPG + CCG/craftable dice hybrid, you absolutely should!

City of the Shroud Kickstarter/Greenlight Campaigns Launch Today!

Posted on February 02, 2016 by Shibusuke

We’re excited to announce the launch of City of the Shroud’s Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight campaigns as well as our first-ever trailer! We've also released a new build of the game AND got featured on Kotaku UK - it's been a busy month.

We were also recently featured on Kotaku UK's 51 British Games to Look Forward to in 2016!

Watch the Kickstarter/Greenlight Trailer

Back Us on Kickstarter:

Vote for Us on Steam Greenlight:

City of the Shroud's first trailer is now live, and we’re also releasing a community-driven story preview, available now exclusively for Kickstarter backers.

azura talking

During the Kickstarter, we'll be running a 4-part mini-story that will play out over the course of the campaign (new episodes released every 7~10 days). Backers will get exclusive access to the story and the ability to influence it - their choices, along with every other players’, will drive the story in each episode over the month in a live campaign written by chart-topping author Moira Katson.

Combat in City of the Shroud uses a real-time tactical fighting system where you unleash special moves, build powerful combos, and outmaneuver your opponent in a format with incredible depth but that is easy enough to play with one hand.

The story in City of the Shroud is a new approach to video game narrative: a live, episodic campaign where every player's actions impact how the story unfolds for the entire community. Each episode is crafted based on the cumulative effects of every player's actions by our resident novelist Moira Katson, author of The Light & Shadow Trilogy as well as other stories and novels. Moira has topped the Amazon Fantasy download charts 3 times since making her debut only a couple of years ago.

brute move attack under 3

Back us early in order to make your impact known - don’t miss your chance to influence an episode!

Here are the important links:

You can get the latest build (0.0.8) straight from any of these sites:

0.0.8 Patch Notes

  • Back us on Kickstarter to get access to the exclusive mini-campaign!
  • You can redeem access to the mini-campaign through the Pause Menu using a code sent via Kickstarter
  • Your story progress and inventory now get saved to the cloud!
  • Fixed some graphical bugs
  • General bug fixes and improvements

Thank you to everyone who’s supported us in getting this far, and please back our game - we can make this happen!

Version 0.0.7 Released

Posted on January 28, 2016 by Shibusuke

OK, we fibbed - we released just one more update before Kickstarter. Go, proactivity!

There are a few key changes in this one, so be sure to grab it and check it out.

Remember to back us on Kickstarter on February 2, and be sure to tell your friends!

0.0.7 Patch Notes

  • New Ability: Changed Gunner's Firing Squad to Flamethrower, which deals damage in a cone in the direction of the target
  • AI should be much more beginner-friendly
  • Design Change: Movement now only costs 1 AP unless there is an enemy within range of the selected character (this speeds up the start of battles and avoids kiting)
  • Your inventory is now stored in a magical place called 'the cloud'
  • No more programmer art gems! Now using real artwork!
  • Minor UI adjustments
  • Under-the-hood prep for our Kickstarter on February 2