City of the Shroud is coming this Summer! New Trailer! New Announcements, Including a Future Console Release!

Posted on March 01, 2018 by Shibusuke



It’s happening! We’re getting ready to launch City of the Shroud this summer! Ahhhh!

We’ve been working super hard to get the game ready for launch, and we’re almost there. It’s been a long road, but we’re nearly at the end of it - or the beginning, rather!

We are so excited to get the story underway and see what you all do with it. We have tons of ideas about where the story could go and how it could develop, but ultimately it will be up to you and everyone else who plays to determine how the story plays out.

We’re also really happy with how the gameplay has come together - several members of the team have spent thousands of hours playing the game, and we still have a blast. Hopefully you will too!

The footage in the trailer above is all up-to-date, though YouTube compressed it quite a bit. The game looks great at any setting level, but it looks particularly glorious in 4k. If you want to see some high-res screenshots, head over to the game’s updated webpage (actually, just go check it out - it looks awesome!):

Also, today we were lucky enough to be featured on the PlayStation Blog! How cool is that!

PlayStation Blog: City of the Shroud Fuses Tactical RPGs with Fighting Games

In the post, we talk about the game’s combat system and adapting it for controller (we’ve added full controller support). If you read it, hopefully it will give you a bit of insight into what sort of things have gone into setting up the controls the way we have.

We also wanted to take a moment to cover some questions that might come up:

  • What’s the Definitive Edition?
    The Definitive Edition is our fancy name for the game once the story is complete. After we release Chapter 4 (the final chapter), we will proceed to tweak the game to fit a more standard single-player narrative structure, rather than the interconnected web of players driving a narrative that the game will be when it launches.
    Ultimately, it will be an update to the game, after the story is complete, to make it feel more like a traditional game to make it easy to replay and experience the story from other angles.
  • How do I get the Definitive Edition?
    All of our backers’ Steam copies of the game will get the update once it’s ready for free - it’s part of the package!
  • Will consoles get the player-driven story?
    Nope. The console versions are releasing after the story is complete, since managing City of the Shroud’s narrative structure is going to be a big undertaking for our tiny team, and trying to make that work across multiple platforms would be prohibitively difficult and time-consuming. We’re sticking with our original plan: release on Steam, then play with you to create the story. We’ll then port the results to consoles when we release the Definitive Edition on Steam.

Now that the game is getting ready to launch, we’re going to be kicking our announcements and promotional efforts into high gear. We’ve got some really exciting news coming in the very near future!

We can’t wait to get started!