City of the Shroud is coming to Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight on February 2nd!

Posted on January 15, 2016 by Shibusuke

City of the Shroud is coming to Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight on February 2nd!

We are launching both campaigns on February 2nd. Be sure to let all your game-playing friends know - to make City of the Shroud a reality, we need to get the word out! The more people who know about the campaigns, the better we’ll do!

To kick if off, we’ll be running the first-ever live community-driven story! Anyone who backs the game will get exclusive access to a 4-part story set in Iskendrun before the events of City of the Shroud. Each week, we will look at players’ decisions and write the next part of the story, then deliver it straight to our backers. Backing will be the only way to experience AND influence the story, so be sure to back us right away!

In addition to the Kickstarter, we’ll be running a Steam Greenlight campaign. When you vote for City of the Shroud on Greenlight, it will push the game to the top of the rankings and help us get approved for distribution - potentially before the Kickstarter is finished! When we go live, we’ll send you a link so you can vote for City of the Shroud - and point others to the page to help do the same!

We’ve also launched a Thunderclap campaign* to help get the message out when we go live, and we need your help to make it happen. Thunderclap is a coordinated message blast on Twitter, Facebook, and/or Tumblr that will trigger on February 2 when our Kickstarter goes live, letting people know about the campaign in a big, loud burst of messages. We'd like to ask for your help by signing up on our page:

         Support our Thunderclap!

Now, some more details about that Kickstarter! Here is what we’ll be doing:

  • Why: primarily to fund the remaining art production, but also to cover some staff salaries and business expenses (legal stuff, etc.).

  • Funding Goal: $45,000 USD

  • Platforms: Windows and OS X (we are approved for PlayStation development…)

  • Duration: 30 days (February 2 - March 2)

Some of the rewards we’ll be offering include an original short story collection by Moira, the opportunity to appear in a quest, designing a map to fight on, access to our character appearance modding system before anyone else, and a “making-of” book that will talk about the process of making the game (like an art book + production journal), to name a few.

All the rewards (and any stretch goals) will be focused on the game - we want to make City of the Shroud as quickly and to as high a quality as we can. We decided to forego physical rewards due to the strain it would place on the team, but if there is enough demand, we will look into putting something special together.

Thank you so much for signing up to help make City of the Shroud a reality! We wouldn’t be able to do this without your help. If you haven’t already done so, please help us share on Facebook, spread the word on Twitter, sign up for Thunderclap, and mark your calendar for February 2nd!

And if you’d like a sneak-peek at our Kickstarter page, be sure to sign up for our mailing list!

We’re super-excited, and hope you are too - together, we can make this game a reality!

Thank you,

*How does Thunderclap work? Essentially, it asks for one-time permission to post the message you see at the top of the page on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Tumblr on the day the Kickstarter launches. With enough people signed up for it (we need at least 100 people to make this happen), we can simultaneously announce the campaign, helping the game to get as many eyes on it as possible at the most important step - the first one! (It's also a good reminder!)