Download Version 0.0.2 Now!

Posted on October 22, 2015 by Shibusuke

Hi Everyone,

We’ve just released version 0.0.2 of City of the Shroud with a bunch of UI, readability, and gameplay tweaks! Grab the latest version from or GameJolt and let us know what you think on the forums!

0.0.2 Patch Notes

  • Updated the AI based on player feedback

  • Switched to tile-based selection - instead of clicking the character model to attack, players click the tile on which the opponent is standing

  • Tab key now cycles the selected character

  • Moving the cursor over an enemy tile that’s in-range animates and highlights that tile

  • Moving the cursor over an ally’s tile animates and highlights that tile

  • Added a (text) reminder that characters move instantly using Right-Click - we’ll, uh, make it pretty later

  • Battle pop-up text is now easier to read, performs better; still placeholder as all get-out

  • Magnetic Mines now show the team color of the character who placed it

  • Magnetic Mines now appear on the porch instead of hidden inside of it

  • Changed Void’s tile Corruption effect so that it no longer stacks

  • Updated tutorial text in the hopes of making the link gems easier to understand

  • Changed combo queue UI to be more noticeable and consistent with the character AP gauges

  • If player tries to make input when they don’t have enough AP, the currently-filling block will flash red and a sound effect will play

  • Characters now flash more prominently - white when attacked, yellow when AP is full, red when low on health

  • The white destination bubble for link gem icons now shows a faint, pulsing version of the icon

  • Updated the test combo wheel in the Details menu to be the same as the new in-battle version

  • Added an outline to AP cost number for special attacks in the combo wheel

  • The team UI for the player is now on the left instead of the right

  • Added numbers next to characters in the team UI that correspond to their keyboard selection shortcut

  • Added outlines to the individual AP chunks in characters’ AP bars

  • Added outlines to each character’s HP bars

  • Changed color of AP bars to be less brown

  • Other minor UI tweaks

Phew! That… that’s a lot of adjustments. And we’ve got something extra big planned for 0.0.3, so stay tuned!