Intelligent Zombies!

Posted on November 09, 2014 by Shibusuke

It’s time for another Zombie Playground update!

While this week has been spent working mostly on under-the-hood stuff, there are some fun, flashy things coming as well. This may or may not include explosions. I mean, we aren't saying it does. We're just saying maybe you should duck.

Our intrepid programming team has been refining the AI, which doesn't explode, but will keep you from throwing your computer across the room in frustration, because bad AI is a truly awful thing. Zombies now intelligently surround the player and navigate the environment. Plus, they will pick up on cues from other nearby zombies if one of them spots you trying to run past, or if you shoot its friend from far away. And yes, that means that they don’t just sprint straight for you no matter where in the level they spawn - use this to your advantage!

On the gameplay side, we’ve tweaked the combat mechanics (and are really looking forward to being able to get your feedback!) as well as added in the framework for item loadouts. We have some neat toys in mind for this system, so stay tuned…

We’ve also updated the combat HUD to reflect some of the feedback and updates to the game system, including an on-screen indication of how much ammo you have left in the clip. We know you loved counting bullets, but those days are gone now ;)