Kickstarter Episode 2 / 0.0.9 Released!

Posted on February 11, 2016 by Shibusuke

We've released Episode 2 of our backer-exclusive story preview and updated the game to 0.0.9! You can download the latest build (and the latest episode if you're a backer!) here:

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In just one week, the players have made dramatic changes to the balance of power and relationships within the game world. Check out our latest update on Kickstarter to learn more!

0.0.9 Patch Notes

  • Episode 2 now accessible!

  • New stage! Play through episode 2 to access it!

  • Game now starts players in the tutorial the first time they turn on the game (once you’ve completed the tutorial, it’ll load the main menu like normal)

  • No more infinite gem duplication! Sorry not sorry!

  • Fixed a harmless but visually ugly bug where formatting code would appear in dialogue if you clicked at just the right timing to skip it

  • Equip screen UI now gives better visual guidance on how to equip gems

  • Improved text visuals at high resolutions

  • AI enhancements

  • You can now check what a gem is on the rewards screen using tool-tips

  • Various other minor bug fixes