PAX Demo on Steam & PAX Report

Posted on May 15, 2018 by Shibusuke

I hope you’re excited for City of the Shroud’s impending release this summer! It’s been quite the journey, and there’ll be even more once the story gets underway, but in the meantime, I wanted to let you know what we’re up to!

You can probably guess, but we’re working hard to polish up the game to get it ready for launch! We’re currently hooking up the final bits of conversational logic, testing out all of the battles to find any remaining bugs, and making some final adjustments to improve the user experience (UI adjustments, etc.).

This means playing the heck out of the game, trying to break it as much as possible. To give you an idea of the kinds of things we’re working on, yesterday I found that one of our portal effects, which uses wind physics to swirl little glowy bits around and into itself, would suck other particles - like attack effects - into it if the characters using them were too close. Watching the smoke from Disintegrate a well as my healing spell get sucked into a portal was pretty cool, but not exactly what we’re going for in terms of gameplay (the moves worked fine!).

Also, to tide you over while you wait for Chapter 1, the PAX demo is now available on Steam for backers and folks who have pre-ordered. To access it, just follow the instructions in the image below:


Note that you have to enter the password and click Check Code BEFORE selecting “gameshow” from the drop-down list.


The new demo has the tutorial from the beginning of the game as well as a preview of one of our boss fights. It’s similar to the Rezzed demo’s boss fight, but we switched up the team to include the Machinist. Try to unleash his Ultimate ability, Skyfall - it’s a blast!



PAX itself was a blast - tons of people played the game (tons), and the response was great. The dialogue was a hit, players really enjoyed the combat, and we even got interviewed several times. A couple of those interviews went for over an hour! (My throat did not survive, but thanks to the memory foam in my shoes, my feet and back did.)

Indie MEGABOOTH was also a wonderful and humbling experience - it was an honor to be among so many great games and meet so many extraordinarily talented developers. I’d like to give special shout-outs to Hidden Achievement, developers of the Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game on Steam, ysbyrd games, LUNARSIGNALS and their game The Moon Fields, Tangled Mess Games, who are making Volantia, and Craig Barnes, composer on Streets of Rogue. From helping me lug all of the PCs and literal bags of sand to my car, to being amazing friends and booth-mates - thank you!

And to the backer who stopped by the booth while I was occupied - thank you!! I’m sorry I wasn’t able to talk with you more, and I hope you didn’t catch the con plague (I did…)!!

Overall, PAX was great - there were tons of interesting people, a stream of fun, fantastic players, homemade (life-saving) cough-drops, and plenty of adventures along the way. Even my car refusing to start for several hours in just-above-freezing weather in a parking garage only to turn on instantly once the tow truck arrived couldn’t dampen the experience (also, I got to eat good ramen).

With that, I hope you’re excited to enter the world of Iskendrun and fight to determine its fate - we’re almost there!

All The Best,
Keaton & The Abyssal Arts Team