Shroud at 2DCon!

Posted on May 07, 2015 by Shibusuke

Abyssal Arts is debuting our first-ever playable demo of Shroud this weekend at 2D Con in Minnesota! One of our team members, @TomWalksThrough, will be manning the booth, so be sure to say hi!

If you've dropped by to play already, thank you! Be sure to sign up for updates below so you get word as soon as the prototype is available for download.

If you haven't been by to play, go - go now! And be sure to sign up for updates below! We'll be releasing the open prototype in only a few weeks, so you'll be the first to know!

Finally, help us get the word out - tell your friends to check out the game, tweet @abyssalarts and @2dconvention, post on our Facebook page - whatever suits your fancy!

Most of all, though, we're excited to finally start getting our game into your hands and hearing your thoughts! We're looking forward to an exciting journey together with you.