Version 0.0.1 of City of the Shroud Now Online!

Posted on October 13, 2015 by Shibusuke

Grab the latest update to the game here!

Thank you to everyone who played our game at PlayExpo! It was a great show, and we have gotten some really good feedback from show attendees and the folks on our mailing list to start implementing into the game.

The whole list of patch notes is below, but we do want to highlight one major change that we made in response to very consistent feedback. Players felt the gameplay was too quick at times, and in response we’ve slowed AP regeneration by 50%. We’re really happy with the new speed (same goes for the players at PlayExpo!), and hope you will weigh in to help us tweak it further. Download the update and let us know what you think!

You can download from here:

Our first fan!

0.0.1 Patch Notes

  • Slowed down game speed by 50%

  • Added hit-stuns so that characters are briefly stunned upon taking damage

  • Added a victory animation for the Brute (other classes are currently being worked on)

  • Game now prompts first-time players to use the tutorial

  • Various improvements to the tutorial

  • Brute punches alternate between right and left when doing basic attacks

  • Range indicator is now more clear

    • Bug: Fantastic quality settings make particle effects faint and hard to see

  • Tiles with an enemy on them turn red when in range

  • Made the Team menu lighting less bright

  • Health bars now show how much damage an attack did and then slowly collapse to the new HP level (like in a fighting game)

    • The color of the bar representing the damage corresponds to the type of damage dealt:

      • Red: Power (Wild Swing, etc.)

      • Blue: Magic (Devastation, etc.)

      • Yellow: Quick (Snipe, etc.)

  • Character UI also flashes when taking damage

  • Character portraits don't disappear when a character is defeated anymore; instead, they get a big, red X over them!

  • Added a small outline to the UI underneath characters to make it easier to see

  • You can now cancel out of waiting for an online opponent

  • Bug Fix: UI underneath characters now disappears when a character is defeated

  • Bug Fix: The game saves team makeup properly now

Be sure to let us know what you think - get in touch with us on Twitter, Facebook, or our forums, and thank you for playing!