Version 0.0.10 Now Available; Episode 3 Now Playing!

Posted on February 21, 2016 by Shibusuke

We've released Episode 3 of our backer-exclusive story preview and updated the game to 0.0.10! You can download the latest build (and the latest episode if you're a backer!) here:

In the latest episode, Zem’s influence continues to wane, placing in her a precarious position: Azura and Navid are vying for power, and Zem no longer has Azura’s trust. However, Zem is most dangerous when she is desperate, so what does this mean for the city and its people?

Download the latest episode to find out, and discuss on our forums.

0.0.10 Patch Notes

  • Episode 3 now playing! (Must have backed Kickstarter to access)

  • New abilities and stat gems accessible

  • You can now make the Mage purple because it's awesome

  • The Gunner also has an alternate color scheme

  • General bug fixes and improvements