We're Showing at Insomnia + Version 0.0.4 is Available for Download!

Posted on December 04, 2015 by Shibusuke

City of the Shroud has been selected for the Indie Zone at Insomnia 56! Come down to see us  at NEC in Birmingham, UK and play the latest version of the game!

We’re also happy to announce version 0.0.4 of City of the Shroud is now available for download! Grab it here:


A good deal of this month was spent preparing for upcoming features. A lot of them won’t be visible for a little while, but we’ll soon be able to start showing you all the cool stuff that the game will support in the final release!

In the meantime, we've put in a bunch of new toys for you to play with. First, we added a full set of new abilities for each character class. They really change the way each plays. You can even adjust each character's loadout, so you can find a setup that works for you.

We're also working on the tech to support customizing your character's appearance. While all characters currently support it, only the Brute is customizeable at the moment - there are a bunch of palette swaps for him - let your creative spirit soar!

We've also added lots of little improvements thoughout to improve the experience, and we've got more coming! We hope you like the build!

0.0.4 Patch Notes

  • Added a new main menu to the game
  • Added a new set of abilities for all 3 classes
  • Added ability to customize ability load-out for all 3 classes (go to Party > Customize)
  • Added character customization tech (only Brute palette swaps currently available)
  • Improved game synchronization in online play
  • Added tech for tiles that grant bonuses and power-ups; try out the AP-granting tiles in the market level
  • Changed the appearance of tiles in the map - now there are + symbols in the corners to identify boundaries and the ground is no longer grey
  • You can now log in and log out of your account from the pause menu
  • Updated audio solution to allow transitions between tracks
  • Mousing over a character highlights their UI portrait
  • Lots and lots of under-the-hood tech implementations… more info coming soon…

Try out the latest version of the game and let us know what you think - you can reach us from inside the game itself (magic!), @AbyssalArts on Twitter, through our Facebook page, and on our forums!